1st August 2008

Well, it has been a while since we last updated you on the progress of Disney-Links.com. The saying that best fits this though is "No news is good news".

Basically the site is still building on it's strength. We invested in advertising with a couple of websites. Which has helped bring in site visitors. We are hitting over 100 visitors per day at least once a week at the moment, but generally it is over 90 unique visitors per day.

With the use of www.DNScoop.com we've found that we have over 9,000 links pointing to Disney-Links.com.

The Links letter has over 160 readers / subscribers, which again is a positive start.

Here is the bad news....... We're going on holidays over the next month and the updates of this set of sites maybe slow. Don't worry though we will strive to keep the project going as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience and we'll see you soon.

P.S. Big anouncement towards the end of September.

21st May 2008

What a great response we have had to the Disney Links Web Awards. We would like to thank everyone. At it's peak there was over 400 visitors in one day. Also we have currently awarded 5 gold awards, this is thanks to you the voters. Well Done.

You might have noticed a slight shuffle around of the title bar. This was to accomodate the EXTRA FEATURES menu bar (it was starting to get cluttered). All the old features are still in operation, nothing has been deleted, BUT we have added another new feature.

The Monthly Links Letter. What on Earth is this?

We thought it would be a good idea to release a monthly newsletter of current up to date links. For example the first one which will be released the end of May 2008, will be themed around the latest installation of Indiana Jones. We'll visit Disney links from around the globe all themed on the months topic.

To recieve the Links Letter you must subscribe to it. When you recieve it you will find a link to a page that is only available to subscribers. There may also be a password. The Password is to be used when entering that months competition. The competitions will start in a future months newsletter, once we have a good collection of subscribers.

Thank you again for your continued support.


12th May 2008

Woo Hooo! One year on and the Disney Links Network is booming.

To celebrate the anniversary, we launched www.DisneyLinksWebAwards.com. We felt it was time that you had your say about other website, instead of just us announcing a review. We also thought it would be nice for a little user interaction.

If the web awards prove to be successfull we will look into developing an Annual awards Contest. This will feature awards like "Best Disney Forum 2008", "Best Disney Photo Website 2008", etc.... You probably get the drift. But at the moment it's one step at a time.

Also to celebrate the anniversary we have developed a toolbar. The toolbar features direct links to your favourite Disney Links, A Ticker news strip that will be kept up to date with current Links related news. There is also a Email notifier and a radio player included.

Thank you for your continued support.


6th May 2008

A lot can happen in 6 weeks. Unofficially the web address www.Disney-Links.com is now 1 year old, but in reality there is still 3 more days to go.

We spotted that our Google Pagerank is now PR3. For the web masters out there they will realise the benefits of gaining a link from a PR3 website. In terms of this ranking we would like to say "Onwards and upwards". The more we add to the site the better this rank whould get.

We were also hoping to announce the new addition here, but a little teething problem has set us back a couple of days.

Watch this space.


21st March 2008

Appologies for not keeping this page up to date. I'll explain.....

Over the past month we've been developing a new section for the Disney-Links.com Network. The new part is being kept a little bit secret at the mo, until it can be fully released. Why is this taking so much time? Reason 1, as the vast majority of Disney-Links.com is manually edited, we're trying to create the next step as automated as possible. The exception is that to keep all links Disney related we still have to say which URLs get added.

Reason 2, the cutting edge technology that is used to create the site, isn't as sharp as it was 6 years ago. The PC has slowed down to a halt and has decided to go on strike. So, we've invested in a new PC. Everything else will stay the same, it will simply take a fraction of the time to edit the pages and up load them.

We would also like to announce that our Google Page Rank has increased from 1 to Page Rank 2. Yeah alright, it's not amazing, but it is a step in the correct direction. Fingers crossed this will continue to rise.


24th February 2008

Welcome back to Disney-Links.com, here is a quick update to keep you in the loop.

Yesterday we hit the dizzy heights of 91 visitors in one day. The site had been tottering around the 80 visitors for about a week, then we had this pleasant spike. If this was down to you. Thanks for visiting.

We would also like to thank a new site sponsor Off To Neverland. They have sponsored the Walt Disney World pages. Be sure to check out their site for the latest travel offers.

We've gained a good selection of Orlando villas to the site now. The part that is interesting from a stats point of view, is that we've also gained a lot of visitors using these new villa links.

Now it's time for the public appeal. Have you been to Tokyo Disneyland Resort or Hong Kong Disneyland? If you have and you also have a load of photos or videos. Upload them to one of the free hosting sites and post us a link. The reason we make this appeal is that we have a great deal of visitors looking at these Disney-Links pages and unfortunately there isn't many sites out there to visit.


15th February 2008

The site update last week, has really gone down well. Already we have one page sponsor and another in the pipeline. So, we would like to thank www.dvcfan.com for sponsoring the Disney Vacation Club page.

Also we have seen a few Link Hunters join up. A special thanks to Brian Martsolf for submitting 4 links that hadn't already been featured. We have contacted the website owners and hopefully they will be added soon.

Lastly for today, we are tweaking the villas section. One of our users suggested that it would be usefull to also add the amount of beds the villa was. As we also felt this was a good idea we are adding an extra column to the villa links with that information in.

Have fun!


8th February 2008

Welcome back to Disney-Links.com.

We have just added 3 new pages / sections to the site.

  1. A Mailing List
  2. The Link Hunters Roll of Honor
  3. Site Sponsorship

The mailing list will be used only on the occasions it needs to be used (i.e. We're nearly 1 year old!!)

The Link Hunter section should hopefully prove to be some fun and could even evolve into a friendly competition at a later date.

Site sponsorship, well that's another story. Any funds created from this will be used for keeping this site up and running and aiding it's continued growth.

Brief, but to the point.



1st February 2008

First of the month, and we feel it's time to disclose the latest site traffic info.

In December we had 1,307 unique visitors. Last month (January) we beat that target and amassed 1,620 unique visitors. Now I will explain that all our own visits to the site are excluded from these figure as all our computers have a special cookie installed. A unique visitor is a computer that makes a single visit. A single user could visit 20 seperate times in one month and this would register as 20 unique visitors.

All in all we are happy with these results as it shows yet again that our networking strategies are working and the site is being found more and more.



25th January 2008

Oh Boy!

We've just rolled out the third version of this site. The upgrade was to create a more fliud feel with our other site. Now you should see that Disney-Links.com and DisneyLinksReview.com have a very similar feel. This alteration was needed to allow our further expansion this year.

If you spot any issues with this upgrade please let us know, so we can fix it for your viewing pleasure.

16th January 2008

We've tweaked the submission page to allow websites to be submittied to several resorts in one click. Why didn't we think of this earlier.

Please accept our appologies if you have typed your details out 6 times per site.


12th January 2008

New category added to all resorts and vacation pages.

We've noticed an increase in Events at the resorts lately. Previously these would have been added under the General Information / Trip Planning or the Other sections. Now you will find the likes of WDWCelebrations.com in the Events category.


4th January 2008

Woo Hooo. At last Disney-Links.com is famous, we've had a shout out on the All About The Mouse Podcast (Episode 38). To find out more about the podcast please visit their site at www.aboutthemouse.com or visit thier review at DisneyLinksReview.com.

We would like to extend a warm thank you to Bryan and Jonathan for this and all the best for the future with your podcast.

If you own / run a Disney theme park related Podcast or blog, remember you can always submit your details to Disney-Links.com.


3rd January 2008

A quick update.

With the increased traffic we've upgraded our site stats system to Mint. This will enable us to mointor which parts of the site are working best and areas that need to be improved. Mint will also allow us to see which sites are referring visitors to Disney-Links.com to enable us to label the "Linked" sites.



31st December 2007

Happy New Year everyone!

Nearly 8 Months on and we've all come a long way. Disney-Links.com has been tweaks, nipped and tucked until it is as you see now. The plan is to create a fresh website that keeps on being interesting. We've already had lots of great comments about the site, including "I thought I knew all the Disney sites, until I visited your site........". The message went on, but the point was that this site was doing what we intended it to.

SO, how is the site going?

we've been pushing the site and trying to gain as much traffic as possible and set ourselves a goal, that every month to gain more traffic than the previous. Voila.

Web Traffic ChartThis chart shows the traffic for Disney-Links.com since we launched the site. The blue bar is the amount of unique vistors to the site per month. The yellow is returning visitors. So, by the end of 2007 we had 319 regular visitors. Even if you didn't know anything about statistics a chart that looks like that can only be good!

15th October 2007

Disney-Links.com has just had it's 1,000th visitor.

The site is shaping up quite nicely, we now have a good selection of links to a wide variety of resorts. The most popular ones are Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort Paris. There seems to be a distinct lack of sites relating to Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong DIsneyland.

9th May 2007

Disney-Links.com is born from a concept of trying to create a true Disney Fan based web Directory.

After several trips to the Disney Theme parks, it was nice to research and reminisce via the web. Realising that we had to keep going back to the major search engines to find Disney sites. It quickly became obvious that only a handful of new sites would creep into the results. The same websites again and again would hit the first 30 pages.

So, the idea for this site evolved. With a history of web development it was also obvious how hard it can be to gain visitors to a new website. It can also quickly become disheartening when only a few arrive in the first couple of months. Hopefully by categorising ALL the Disney Fan sites in one location, together we can gain visitors to all the Fan sites, not just a few.