We want YOU!

We'll say it again, "WE WANT YOU!".
Here at Disney-Links.com we rely on fate and strong networks to buld this site
into what it is today. The strong networks help by introducing site owners to us,
to which they then submit their site(s). The fate part is mainly search engine related.
As in were were looking for something else then found you site.

The main area we would like your help on is the Official Disney websites. Even
though people have been submitting their own site, we haven't had any of the
Official sites submitted by their owners. All the Official sites featured in
Disney-Links.com have been found.

Can you help?

How do I link hunt?

Thanks for reading down to this part, you already show a level of commitment.

We are not expecting any of our link hunters to treat this as a 9 - 5 day job. This
is supposed to remain a fun and enjoyable process. So when your doing your
normal web searching and you find a site (preferrably and Official Disney site)
that is not included, simply use the Contact Us page and drop us a line.

Type of links we'd prefer


Even though they both end up at the same place, we are more interested in the
different web addresses.

Once you have found your site and clicked on the contact us page. Fill in the form
and remember to leave your name and or nickname. We will then be able to add you
to the Roll of Honor below. We will also enter the amount of valid links you have
submitted next to your name.

Thanks and happy hunting!

Roll of Honors
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Brian Martsolf
Stefan - DLRP-Magic.com